Centennial Elementary is a primary school serving students Kindergarten through Grade 5. Our school is located in the southeast corner of Richfield Minnesota, just one mile north of the Mall of America.

Richfield is a comfortable neighborhood community with a tradition of excellence in education. Centennial takes pride in the diversity of the student population. We provide a full range of educational offerings and student support services for all students.

In a stimulating and nurturing environment geared toward young children, students are grounded in the early learning fundamentals of reading, writing, and math. As part of a balanced literacy program, students learn reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Students are exposed to a wide variety of reading materials that are "leveled" to match their reading skill level as well as receiving at grade level instruction. Teachers frequently assess students' progress.

Centennial uses the Everyday math program. The materials for math are structured and incorporate a spiral teaching method and provide our students with opportunities for hands-on learning.

Our students are served by four teaching Specialists throughout our Monday thr